Project Pyxis: Month 3 – February 2017

Aaaaaaand we’re sandboxed!

Yep, I knew there would be a high chance of this happening, and it did (even though I did try & avoid it by starting off with social profiles, signals, a press release, etc.). With the links & authority I’ve been throwing at this thing, most keywords should be in the top 30, and instead we only have 31 out of 93 keywords in the top 100. I’ve seen this a few times before, a lot of people have different views on the sandbox, I also think there are multiple types of sandboxes.

The one we’re dealing with now I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at least twice. This is how I think this specific sandbox works. It’s a ranking limitation applied to new sites (maybe even new pages on aged sites too) where most (if not all) backlinks are just not counted, and the site is ranking on on-page seo only, until the sandbox is over.

The last time I’ve had this one was in the plumbing niche, that sandbox lasted 6 months. For the entire time the site looked like it was ranking on on-site only, even though I was throwing juice at it on a monthly basis. Then on the day the site became 6 months (from time of first page index I think), all keywords shot up to the top 10/20 & started generating leads.

So for this project I really hope it’s not a 6 month sandbox (or 12 months!!), but rather a 3 or 4 month one, we’ll see.

Off-Page SEO done:

  • 5 HQ niche links that were delayed from January
  • 1 super HQ niche link

Expenses for February 2017


Project Total = $3126

Current Rankings

Tracking 93 keywords – As explained above, to me this looks like an obvious sandbox, we just have to wait it out, keep building links and authority.