Project Pyxis: Month 16 – March 2018

The consistent link building I started last month is paying off already, my main kws are moving in the right direction again, pushing more traffic to the site.

This is the first month it broke $1k+ in a single month, still far from what I had in mind for the project of course, and it’s taken a lot longer than expected.

I’m def keeping at it as this project serves as a reminder that not all projects go as smoothly as planned (even tho this one is really testing my patience and will take some time to break even).

On-Page SEO done:

  • Some CRO, nothing special

Off-Page SEO done:

  • 15 links obtained

Expenses for March 2018


Project Total Expenses = $14558

Earnings for March 2018


Project Total Earnings = $5500

Current Rankings

Tracking 93 keywords. This is what happened in the last 30 days. Primary keywords moved from #7-9 to #5-7, lost a few less important keywords in the top 10, but they’ll be back.

Tom Profile Pic

Tom De Spiegelaere

I started as your average web designer, then found affiliate marketing as a biz model, and am now building my own assets on a full-time basis… I kinda like it :)

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