Project Pyxis: Month 1 – December 2016

The first page was published on November 26th.

Here’s what I’ve done in month 1 (The first month of any project is usually the biggest month in terms of manual work as it includes the entire initial setup).

Setup/Design (all based on extensive keyword research I did in November)

  • Created the IA (Information Architecture)
  • Built the core site
  • Implemented URL structure, created pages, SEO optimised page titles, basic header implementation pre-content (H1s, H2s, etc)
  • Created the design, menus, logo, etc.
  • Added SSL as a trust element + to future-proof it
  • Put it on CloudFlare (paid plan)
  • Connected GA, Search Console, set the geo-target to Australia.


  • Ordered around 20000 words of content, 90% already added.
  • Manually went through the content, adding LSI / secondary / long-tail keywords, leaving the primary keywords for the headers.
  • Interlinked all pages, using targeted partial match anchors to pass topical relevance throughout the site (so Google can figure out exactly what the site is about & what the most important pages are, w/o even looking at the nav menu <- SEO gem #1 right here, add your contextual links pretending your site doesn’t even have a menu, you need to be able to get everywhere via contextual links, with your money pages getting priority).

On-page SEO (as mentioned above, all basics are covered):

  • IA based on keyword research
  • Page titles
  • url structure
  • interlinking
  • keyword optimised long-form content
  • SSL
  • etc.

Off-Page SEO (building a strong foundation):

  • Press Release to get some buzz going, which got syndicated on 07/12 – around 200 Branded links
  • Dripfed 1800 social signals (g+, facebook, twitter) to justify the coming links
  • Citations to add local relevance to Australia – 50 url/branded links
  • HQ niche links – 10 partial match link
  • High DA links from common blogs like – 40 generic/url/branded links with a 30 day dripfeed

Expenses for December 2016

SEO – $2011
Content – $976

Total = $2987

Current Rankings

Tracking 93 keywords – definitely happy with the first month, a few quality keywords are already popping up in the top 100.