Project Ganymede: Month 3 – November 2020

About The Project

Start: August 2020
Niche: Secret
JV: Search District

November 2020 $

Rev: $0
Costs: $6564.22
Profit: $0

Compared to last month, Google seemed to have fewer issues indexing new content, which makes the build of a new site that heavily relies on content velocity a lot easier 🙂

Anyway, let’s get into it. If you need a refresher about this project, go here.

The Content Queue

Recap: The initial strategy with content is to start with super low comp long tail stuff, and work our way up. We have a content queue of 900 topics that our 2 full-time project-specific writers are going through.

Adam published the first few pieces of content himself, then built an SOP and handed it to one of our awesome employees to follow.

So now we have an automated content machine going for this project.

In November we published 41 posts and traffic has started to trickle in.

Ganymede Month 3 traffic

Organic keywords continue to grow

As older content is now starting to rank, we’re seeing a nice steady increase in # of ranking keywords. If we can maintain the velocity, I think we can scale this quite fast.

Ganymede Month 3 ahrefs

On-page done

  • Content content content – 41 posts published

Off-Page done

  • The first 5 links almost live


November 2020: $6564.22

Project Total: $13582.7


November 2020: $0

Project Total: $0

Project Total Profit/Loss: -13582.7

Current Rankings

Not really tracking anything specific yet, just maintaining content velocity to ramp up traffic.

See you next month!

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