Project Ganymede: Month 1/2 – Sept/Oct 2020

About The Project

Start: August 2020
Niche: Secret
JV: Search District

Sept/Oct 2020 $

Rev: $0
Costs: $4896.24
Profit: $0

Oh man, this is not the best time to start a new project… indexing issues, canonical issues, general ranking weirdness… It’s been craaaaazy.

Anyway, let’s get into it. If you need a refresher about this project, go here.

The Strategy Switch

Initially, we were going to go country-specific to avoid competition… But then after really thinking about it, doing the KW research and comp analysis, we pivoted to going country-specific targeting more commercial terms, AND going global with a massive content play targeting informational keywords.

So we now have 3 separate domains, 2 targeting a different country, and one for global ranks.

The reason we didn’t put the whole thing under one domain and go with a subfolder structure is because the SERPs tell an obvious story of preferring local domains.

None of the domains have power, although the global one is aged as we had to buy it from the previous owner.

The Content Map

The initial strategy with content is to start with super low comp long tail stuff, and work our way up.

We’ve reverse-engineered the global competition for info keywords, and using a specific string of keyword modifiers, pulled around 50k+ keywords, then applied our own filters on top to remove the difficult ones, layered on some keyword clustering, and ended up with around 900 topics ready to go and hopefully near insta-rank.

We’ve hired 2 full-time writers to get through the massive queue.

Google Canonical & Indexing Issues

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Google has been having a few issues lately.

Unfortunately for us, this all happened while we were setting up the sites, adding canonicals and trying to index new content… this led to domains ranking in the wrong countries and content just not getting indexed (which is still not solved at the time of writing).

Initial Rankings

Of the 15 articles we published so far, only 2 are indexed and ranking… which is quite annoying.

However, one of the indexed pieces shot straight to #9 in the US for its main KW (450 searches/mo), so that’s super promising and could mean our KW research was on point.

On-page done

  • Branding – logo, color scheme, etc etc
  • Built a copy of the site on 3 domains
  • Added content relevant to each country/domain
  • Scheduled content to go live at 1 piece per day until indexing issues are resolved.

Off-Page done

  • N/A


Sept/Oct 2020: $4896.24

Project Total: $4896.24


Sept/Oct 2020: $0

Project Total: $0

Project Total Profit/Loss: -4896.24

Current Rankings

Not really tracking anything specific yet, just setting it all up still.

See you next month!

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