Project Aries: A Potential Snowball Without End

This project is a joint venture that is doing a lot better than anticipated, so thought it would be fun to make a case study out of it. The idea for the project came from a friend, and I’m grateful he wants to build it with my help. Costs and earnings will be split 50/50.

About The Strategy

Just like with Project Pyxis, while I will not be revealing the site, the niche, or go into too much detail about the strategy (standard protocols in the SEO industry, to protect the asset), I will be giving monthly overviews of expenses (categorised), income, & and what we did that month.

How The Site Will Make Money

Monetisation will be through affiliate marketing (I promote products/services for a third party that pays me a commission per sale/signup/lead). The niche is already big and growing quite fast. The target will be national and the competition is pretty easy compared to Project Pyxis.

Like most services I promote, it’s a subscription-based service, as the affiliate programs tied to subscriptions offer either recurring commissions for the life-time of the client/sign-up, or a pretty high one-off commission per sign-up (depending on their average client retention rates).

How Much Can The Site Make Per Month

This is the tricky part, commissions are based on a % of the spend of the sign-up, meaning it’s very difficult to calculate potential earnings. That being said, while it’ll definitely be a slow start, as sign-ups pile up, things should start to snowball.

As for the question of how much the site can make… the ceiling is very very high, this niche has the biggest potential of all the projects I’ve worked on.


As per usual, because I have kids, other side-projects, like to game, etc.  90% of the work will be outsourced to other companies (overseas – India, US, Philippines, UK, Thailand, etc.). And any work we do should theoretically be split 50/50 between me and my project partner.

Quick Recap:

  • Joint venture
  • Potential earnings are bonkers
  • We’ll be posting our expenses/income/progress monthly
  • Monetisation through affiliate marketing
  • a LOT of outsourcing as per usual

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Tom De Spiegelaere

I started as your average web designer, then found affiliate marketing as a biz model, and am now building my own assets on a full-time basis… I kinda like it :)

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