Project Aries: Month 7 – May 2018

Another month, another update. This will be a quick one as I’m on a 2-month family holiday in Europe (currently somewhere in France).

In the previous update I mentioned a new keyword we identified with around 8800 search volume, we managed to get to #3 for that keyword… then dropped a bit, now at #4-5, pretty happy with that. We just created the page targeting the kw, added content, interlinked from juice inner pages, and then added a pbn link. It was very straightforward. Now we’re doing some CRO on the page for max conversions.

In the meantime, we identified more (pretty lucrative and non-seasonal) subcategories to explore (and other potential stuff we can sell like custom branded merch… should be doable as the market we’re targeted can get quite passionate about the subject).

As for the earnings/growth, we almost 2x-ed, which is a bit disappointing, hoping next month we’ll have some bigger growth. Still waiting for the season to start, which could 8x everything.

For next month, we’ll be focusing on more CRO, adding at least one of the subcategories we identified (kw research, adding content, and backlinks), I’d also like to figure out the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to start selling merch (with profit margin not being a priority for this section at the moment).

On-page SEO:

  • A lot of CRO
  • 800-ish words for the new kw I mentioned
  • 1 blog post

Off-Page SEO:

  • 2 super HQ niche links
  • around 13 guest posts


This month: $3090

Total: $29475


Slowly getting some returns.

This month: $1012

Total: $2206

Current Rankings

Tracking 127 keywords, ok gains. The snapshots below show how the rankings evolved in the past 30 days.

Onwards we go!


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