Project Aries: Month 6 – April 2018

A quick note before I get into it: From now on I’ll be releasing these updates around the 15th of every month as that’s when we get the final commission numbers in.

Alright, so as mentioned in my latest Pyxis update, April was a month of many many Google updates, very turbulent month. Luckily the project barely felt anything and just kept rising in the ranks.

The project was about to 3x the previous month yet again…. until our main affiliate decided to drop their prices, by a LOT, so much so that our commissions are now roughly the same as last month.

What does this mean for the project? Not much really, we would have 3xd so we’ll just keep going. And now that our main affiliate dropped their prices more in line with the rest of the market, the conversion rate will see a nice increase on our comparison pages, and should balance out the dropped commissions per sign up.

Aside from ordering more content targeting 2 additional countries (which will make the total 4 countries we’ll be going after), we also identified a single massively commercial 8800 searches/mo keyword that we should be able to push into the top 3 with little effort, so we created the content and started linking to it.

On-page SEO:

  • A bit of CRO
  • 1400 words of content

Off-Page SEO:

  • 2 super HQ niche links
  • around 17 guest posts


This month: $3030

Total: $25758


Slowly getting some returns.

This month: $564

Total: $1194

Current Rankings

Tracking 124 keywords, decent gains. The snapshots below show how the rankings evolved in the past 30 days. Month by month we manage to push more keywords into the top 3/10.


In the previous Aries update I mentioned we started building content targeting another country, we managed to get a few keywords in the top 10 already with maybe 2 links and a decent site/url structure. One of the keywords in the top 10 has about 880 searches/mo, which is pretty neat considering the lack of backlinks.

Onwards we go!


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