Project Aries: Month 5 – March 2018

March was an interesting month, and a good test for the strategy we’re using as Google pushed out a LOT of decent-sized updates. Check the algorithm turbulence below, it was pretty crazy.

Luckily our ranks were pretty steady throughout the entire month (small dip mid-march), + we saw some (expected) decent gains.

We also added a few more money pages in a related category, interlinked them (no backlinks), and they instantly ranked in the top 10 for a lot of buyer-intent keywords (ranging from 20 to 480 searches/mo), again confirming that our on-page is pretty solid.

While our earnings are still not important as “the season” hasn’t started yet, I do like to mention that we did 5x compared to February (a small snowball has been set in motion). If we can keep up that growth I’d be pretty happy.

On-page SEO:

  • More content – around 6k words
  • A bit of CRO

Off-Page SEO:

  • 3 super HQ niche links
  • around 25 guest posts
  • Dripfed social signals (g+, facebook, twitter) to justify the coming links


This month: $4910.5

Total: $22728


Slowly getting some returns.

This month: $360

Total: $436

Current Rankings

Tracking 124 keywords, decent gains. The snapshots below show how the rankings evolved in the past 30 days.


The next graph is the Serplab average, it’s basically the daily average weighted by the search volume for each keyword (If a keyword with 1000 volume moves by 2 places this has a much bigger swing than if a 10 volume keyword moves by the same amount). You can actually see when Google pushed their bigger updates, we had a dip mid-march, then recovered.


As mentioned in the original Project Aries intro post, our target is national, and all of the above rankings are for the primary target country… but we’re of course looking at the future as well, so we already started targeting a second country… we straight up started ranking in the top 30 for multiple 1k+ searches/mo keywords with interlinking alone, so once we start pushing links to those pages as well we should break the top 10 very quickly.

Onwards we go!


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