Project Aries: Month 36 – October 2020

About The Project

Start: Oct 2017
Niche: Finance
JV: Search District

October 2020 $

Rev: $54141.40
Costs: $8794.78
Profit: $45346.62

Another drop in rev compared to last month, down to $54k. Still doing quite well but I’m not liking it.

I’m expecting for November to be even less tbh (US elections, COVID spiking in a lot of countries, people’s priorities shifting, etc), fingers crossed I’m wrong.

Aside from acquiring more links, we didn’t work that much on the project in the past month.

Things we’ll cover:

  • Revenue milestone reached
  • Google issues
  • Aries 2.0 is climbing the SERPs

Revenue milestone reached

Project Aries hit $500k in total revenue… it’s pretty surreal actually staring at the numbers.

The first 2 years were pretty slow, there were definitely moments I was doubting this would ever take off, but here we are :).

Onward and upward, next up 1 mil!

Google issues

While the indexing issues seem to be fixed, the SERPs themselves are still not making much sense, with apparently spamming exact match anchors working again.

We’re overdue for a core update… not sure which way they’ll go with the next one, maybe the current state of the SERPs is actually working for Google so they might push harder in the same direction.

Aries 2.0

Aries 2.0 (different brand, different project, same target keywords) got a few nice boosts in October. We hit top 5 for one of the main KWs in one of the GEOs, it’s looking very promising.

It’d be awesome to double the organic real estate in this niche.

On-page done

  • Not much

Off-Page done

  • 40+ links


October 2020: $8794.78

Project Total: $125009.77


October 2020: $54141.40

Project Total: $511544.39

Project Total Profit/Loss: +$386359.75

Current Rankings

Stable 🙂

See you next month!

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