Project Aries: Month 34 – August 2020

About The Project

Start: Oct 2017
Niche: Finance
JV: Search District

August 2020 $

Rev: $89411.80
Costs: $3835.1
Profit: $85576.7

The growth continues this month. We saw another $28k+ increase to our monthly rev, resulting in $89k+ in August (July was $60k+).

Expenses remained quite low, meaning the profit margin was in line with last month at 95%. 👌

This will be a fairly short update as we’ve been working a lot on Project Ganymede last month, as well as other projects.

Things we’ll cover this month:

  • Aries 2.0
  • The Great Update continues

Aries 2.0

Aries 2.0 is another site in the same industry targeting the exact same keywords, but with the difference that we’re using this domain as a testing ground for more aggressive strategies.

The main strategy right now is hyper-relevant, aged, and powerful 301s. This proved quite successful so far, though we did see some pullback in a kw cluster related to a specific country.

Next month we’ll start to build the usual links to this second brand, together with adding a good amount of content to increase its topical footprint.

The Great Update continues

Both in month 32 and 33 I mentioned The Great Update, where we’re overhauling existing content to be more in line w search intent.

We’re continuing this but haven’t seen any noticeable impact so far.

On-page done

  • Continued The Great Update

Off-Page done

  • Bunch of Q&A type links – branded anchors
  • 15+ decent quality links


August 2020: $3835.1

Project Total: $109874.1


August 2020: $89411.8

Project Total: $394366.51

Project Total Profit/Loss: +$284492.41

Current Rankings

Same as last month, stable 👍

See you next month!

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