Project Aries: Month 20 – June 2019

The last post for this project was for May 2018Let’s see what happened in the past 13 months.


We realllly slowed down progress on the project after that last post (I say “we” as it’s a JV). In the first 7 months, we spent around $29k, and over the past 13 months we spent an additional $15k, mostly on links, very little on content… basically to keep some kind of velocity going.

As for on-page, we really didn’t touch it that much, focused on other projects instead. We knew the niche came with a risk, as do all “higher-end” projects, but for a while there, it looked like this one was going nowhere fast… until a few months ago.

Just like Project Pyxis’ boost in earnings, Aries decided it was time start returning some $$$. Earnings started going up quite fast, and in June the project made $9281.21, should crack the 10k next month.

While we haven’t broken even yet, we’re pretty darn close to it!

Near the end of last month we also found out we sort of “forgot” to monetise one of our money pages… well, it’s a comparison page that never really got much traction until a few months ago (and we never went over it with a checklist to finish it properly).

Our #1 in the comparison didn’t work out, we removed them, but never actually signed up to the affiliate program of our #2. Yes, I felt really stupid when I found out.

Anyway, after we fixed it, the page made $442 in the first week, so that’ll be a nice bonus next month.

On-page SEO done in the past 13 months:

  • CRO
  • Bit of content tweaks

Off-Page SEO in the past 13 months:

  • 42-ish guest posts
  • A handful of niche edits
  • 10-ish PBNs


This month: $1391.13

Total: $44529


This month: $9281.21

Total: $36311 <- give it another 2 months and we’ll break even, 1 month if we don’t spend anything in the next 30 days.

Current Rankings

Tracking 135 keywords, doing pretty well.

Onwards we go!


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