Project Pyxis: Month 41 – March 2020

About The Project Start: Dec 2016Niche: TechSolo project March 2020 $$$ Rev: $7474.6Costs: $281Profit: $7193.6 It’s been 8 months since the last update, I had plans, I semi-executed them, earnings stabilised, but the site hasn’t really grown the way it should/could have. That being said, the project is earning ok money and primed to scale… I just […]

Project Pyxis: Month 33 – July 2019

After another 3 month break, here’s the next Project Pyxis update! Let’s get the fun stuff out of the way first, after April’s awesome rev increase, May and June didn’t really add anything… but then July came, and absolutely knocked it out of the park with $9k+ in earnings! #cmon10kmonths What I did Honestly not […]

Project Pyxis: Month 30 – April 2019 (To The Moon)

Let’s just start this post with a pretty graph! So yeah, the last update on this project was June 2018, it was making around 440-ish, that was month 19 and I decided it would be the last post. I didn’t kill the project but also didn’t spend any more time or money on it… I […]

Project Pyxis: Month 19 – June 2018

UPDATE 02/2019: The post below is the last post for this project. Pyxis is averaging around $1000/mo at the moment and while I’m not shutting it down (might flip it, dunno yet), I won’t be continuing work on it as I have other projects on the go that are growing a lot faster than this […]

Project Pyxis: Month 18 – May 2018

Well, this was an interesting 30 days, we had even more big G updates (they’re not stopping… the new normal). Mozcast snapshot of the month Then there was an issue with the Yoast plugin creating extra pages for every piece of media on your WP site, which in turn tanked rankings of a LOT of sites […]

Project Pyxis: Month 17 – April 2018

Another month has come and gone…almost (pushing this one out early as we’re heading to NZ for a family holiday, yay!). Google pushed out a few more updates, one being a broad core search algorithm update. Also, their PageRank patent got updated with some new and interesting stuff (simplified version here, a more detailed version […]

Project Pyxis: Month 16 – March 2018

The consistent link building I started last month is paying off already, my main kws are moving in the right direction again, pushing more traffic to the site. This is the first month it broke $1k+ in a single month, still far from what I had in mind for the project of course, and it’s taken […]

Project Pyxis: Month 15 – Feb 2018

It was a decent month, made more than the usual $550, rankings have been quite turbulent though. I’ve stopped publishing posts as I don’t feel I need to anymore, one of the reasons I add blog posts to my projects is to get a good ratio of informational vs commercial content, you ideally want waaaaay […]

Project Pyxis: Month 13/14 – Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Quick update on this project. I skipped December as I’ve got a few other projects taking off faster than expected and I like to prioritise those projects as the ROI is quicker/better. I haven’t done any off-page stuff since October, rankings remain stable, earnings remain stable. I’ll let this one marinate for a bit before adding […]

Project Pyxis: Month 12 – November 2017

Well, I yet again under-estimated the delay in impact from seo efforts, thanks Google. I spent some more money this month, mainly on guest posts, which should kick in around the middle-end of January 2018 (based on results from my other projects, I’m seeing good increases around 2 months after links have been placed). Other than […]