I’m Tom De Spiegelaere

I’m a digital marketer based in Brisbane, Australia (web designer turned full-time affiliate marketer – a decision that tripled my income in 7 months and reduced required work hours by about 80%).

You can find out more about how/why I made the switch to affiliate marketing in this interview.

If you’re interested in starting an affiliate project yourself, or want more info on what it’s all about and how it works, head over to my tools/resources page.

Anyway, I like building projects for this whole “internet web” thing. Collaboration is my secret, it’s the thing that breathes life into ideas and forces them to pop into existence (rather than spend their lives in the mind of a single individual).

I have a constant urge to make a difference on the web, and my many projects are my attempts at doing just that… some actually succeed!

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My skills include
web design





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This is a rough timeline and doesn’t include every single failure or success (there are more failures than successes, but the monetary value of the successes far outweigh that of the combined failures… guess this is called “failing forward”?)