Project Pyxis: Month 17 – April 2018

Another month has come and gone…almost (pushing this one out early as we’re heading to NZ for a family holiday, yay!). Google pushed out a few more updates, one being a broad core search algorithm update. Also, their PageRank patent got updated with some new and interesting stuff (simplified version here, a more detailed version […]

Project Aries: Month 5 – March 2018

March was an interesting month, and a good test for the strategy we’re using as Google pushed out a LOT of decent-sized updates. Check the algorithm turbulence below, it was pretty crazy. Luckily our ranks were pretty steady throughout the entire month (small dip mid-march), + we saw some (expected) decent gains. We also added a […]

Project Pyxis: Month 16 – March 2018

The consistent link building I started last month is paying off already, my main kws are moving in the right direction again, pushing more traffic to the site. This is the first month it broke $1k+ in a single month, still far from what I had in mind for the project of course, and it’s taken […]