I’m Tom De Spiegelaere

I’m a web designer / digital marketer based in Brisbane, Australia. I like building projects for this whole “internet web” thing. Collaboration is my secret, it’s the thing that breathes life into ideas and forces them to pop into existence (rather than spend their lives in the mind of a single individual).


I have a constant urge to make a difference on the web, and my many projects are my attempts at doing just that, some actually succeed!

My skills include
web design

Project Pyxis



My Brisbane based web design agency. Founded in 2013, MangoMatter has become a well-known brand in the Brisbane web design scene. With consistent top 5 rankings in Google for most terms related to web design in Brisbane, we are the affordable go-to solution for start-ups and SME’s looking to expand in the digital space. > Check It Out

Children & literature / education

Giving something back: Web projects that enable/empower children to read/learn more.

What started as me helping out a friend (setting Megan Daley up with her blog Childrens Books Daily), has grown into a bit of a passion. Any projects related to children’s reading/literature/education get heavy discounts. I’ve done quite a few projects so far, one example is the official blog for the CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) which has a massive readership.

My way of helping the next generation, our future is in their hands!

Lead-gen Projects

I’ve started building a portfolio of sites (not client-related, they’re my own) in a variety of industries. I build them, rank them, & get them to generate actual leads/clients. I then use those leads to either sell them, rent out the site, or charge on a %/conversion basis. The price of the leads always undercuts Google’s ad platform, giving smaller businesses (with a smaller budget) a chance to compete with the bigger fish.

I currently have sites slowly climbing the ladder in HVAC, plumbing, locksmith, pest control, roofing, & painting.

The Man From Earth: Holocene

I was fortunate enough to create digital assets for the sequel of the sci-fi classic The Man From Earth (imdb rating 8.0 – 132669 votes), which will be “The Man From Earth: Holocene”. Working directly with the director, it was an awesome learning experience!

I absolutely loved the original The Man From Earth and watched it waaaay too many times, so being able to work on the sequel felt a bit surreal, but so much fun.

You can follow the sequel’s progress on their facebook page.


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